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Frequently Asked Questions

We frequently get asked the same questions here at black creek motors. Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers to them.

Q: Are there any documentation fees, or other fees on the vehicles you sell?

A: The only fees on the vehicle from us is a $295 documentation fee. Additionally, there is the 12% government tax. We collect the taxes in store, so there are no surprises when registering the vehicle, however ICBC will collect any registration fees or insurance when you register.

Q: Do you offer any warranty on the vehicles that you sell?

A: Yes. We have a variety warranties available as well  we also offer extended  third-party warranty coverage on all of our vehicles.

Q: Do you check the vehicles over when you get them?

A: Yes. Every vehicle that arrives in our inventory gets a 105 point inspection.

Q: Are there mechanical services you offer?

A: Yes. We have an on-site red seal licensed mechanic, who performs all of our inspections, maintenance, warranty work, etc.

Q: Do you offer vehicle detailing?

A: Yes. We have an on-site automotive detailer who will perform interior and exterior detailing on cars both pre-sale and post sale, or on any other vehicle.

Q: What happens if I purchase a vehicle and am unhappy with the purchase?

A: We care about our customers satisfaction and will do everything in our power to fix the problem. Bring the problem up with our service staff and we will ensure you leave happy!